Selection Criteria Writing

What are Key Selection Criteria?

When applying for jobs with government bodies, education institutions, and increasingly now with private companies, you will likely be required to provide more than just your resume and cover letter. There will also usually be a range of key selection criteria found within the position description which you will be asked to respond to.

Key selection criteria are the specific skills, attributes, knowledge, experience, and qualifications considered essential to adequately perform the required duties of the advertised position. When applying for a job you must address each of the criteria to outline how you meet the specified requirements.  if you fail to address the criteria, your job application will not be considered.

This is your opportunity to demonstrate that you are best fit for the job. The interview or selection panel will use this information to assess your capability to perform successfully in the role and ultimately determine whether you will be short-listed for a job interview. 

A job’s key selection criteria thus allow the interview or selection panel to assess all applicants fairly and consistently. They also allow applicants to gain a better understanding of what the job requires and assess whether they are capable to effectively do the job before applying. 

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How to Successfully Address Key Selection Criteria

The best way to successfully address key selection criteria is to provide strong evidence of how you meet them. Address each criterion individually, providing specific examples of how your relevant skills, qualifications, experience, and personal attributes have been relevant in the past. Where possible, include successful results or outcomes, such as exceeding key performance indicators.

An effective way to achieve all this in your answers is to utilise the STAR model (an approach also very useful in interviews). This is particularly recommended by the Australian Public Service Commission and is included within their guide to answering APS selection criteria.

STAR stands for:

  • Situation: describe the situation you were in, including your role and responsibility 
  • Task: explain the task, project out outcome you were required to achieve
  • Action: describe the specific steps you took to complete the task
  • Result: Finish with the results or outcomes of your efforts

Use the STAR model to answer each key selection criterion, linking your tasks, actions, and results. Remember to give specific examples, rather than making general and unsubstantiated statements, to be more convincing. Then back up your examples with specific details of your successful outcomes. Finish on a positive note to ensure the overall impression is positive and persuasive. 

Our Key Selection Criteria Service

Answering key selection criteria can be a frustrating and time-consuming process. Often it is difficult to decide on the best examples from your work history to emphasise. And even then, it can be near impossible to summarise the information in a concise and structured manner that fits within the word limit. 

This is where the professional selection criteria writers at BC Resumes can help. Our team of highly trained and experienced writers are specialised in utilising their exceptional writing skills to craft expertly worded answers. We can decipher any job description and are well versed in using the best methods to answer the key selection criteria. We’re here to relieve your stress and worries.

Coming from a variety of background in Human Resources, we have a deep insider knowledge of what selection panels are seeking in applications. With up-to-date knowledge of the latest trends in the job market, we can address the key selection criteria no matter your profession or industry. Your document is guaranteed to be error free and formatted to the best industry standards – to give you the best advantage in succeeding in today’s competitive job market. 

Each selection criteria document is tailored for you, with unique and individualised responses. To do this, we take the time to learn about your specific experiences, skills, specialisations, and achievements. We then select the most qualified person to write for your situation. From here, your professional writer will align your unique situation with the position, including transferable skills if transitioning to a new industry.  

The result is coherently structured document that utilise relevant, concrete, and truthful examples from your work history. Using professional-standard writing, we’ll distinguish you from the other job applicants to demonstrate that you’re the best fit for the job. 

Our Process

To begin, we encourage you to send us your current resume for a free resume review callback. You may still book an onboarding consultation call if you do not wish to have a resume review.

During the call, a senior member of our team will gather more information about your specific situation, including your professional experience, career goals, and needs. You will also be given notes on the strengths & weaknesses of your resume and tips to improve.

They will then determine if you are best qualified to receive BC Resumes’ services. If you are, you will receive a recommendation for our best solution tailored to your specific situation.

Once you’ve made a decision on the level of service you require, we will provide a personalised link for you to purchase accordingly.

We accept bank transfer, PayPal and any credit/debit cards for payment. GST is included in all our quoted rates.

Thank you for your purchase!

We will provide you with an estimated delivery date for your service and begin writing. We may then contact you throughout the writing process for additional details about your background, skills, and the specific roles you are looking to apply for. This may be contact via text or email.

This is to ensure the most targeted and personalized service possible.

If the level of service you have chosen includes one or more career consultation calls, we will provide you with a calendar invite to choose the best time these calls work for you.

You will be booked with one of our senior career consultants to help discuss your main concerns in-depth, help develop your career goals, personal brand, and interview skills, and guide you through your job search.

These calls are extremely personalised. We are happy to cater towards what you believe you need more help with. i.e. if you wish for more focus on interview skills or more focus on a career consultation, we can happily arrange that for you.

You will receive the first draft of your resume within 4-7 days of your initial purchase. Cover letters will also be delivered within this same time frame.

LinkedIn profiles will be dependent on the delivery date provided by your consultant. However, it should be within a similar timeframe.

We ask you to review the first drafts and provide any feedback for revisions you require.

Although majority of the time our clients are more than satisfied with the first draft, we still keep the option of revisions available to ensure the best possible service.

We incorporate your feedback and provide you with any necessary revisions you have requested to ensure you are completely satisfied with your service.

The number of revisions will be subject to the level of service you have purchased and must be provided within the given timeframe.

We will complete the final edits and formatting of your resume, along with any additional services, and deliver it to you.

For our Gold & Platinum clients, you will also be scheduled for your final consultation call(s), where we will ensure you are prepared for your upcoming job search and interviews.

Congratulations – the process is over and are now ready to send out your resume, nail the interview, and secure your ideal job. Let us know how you go – we love to hear of each client’s success!