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Looking for a new job can be an emotional rollercoaster. Whether you’ve lost your old one or left to achieve new potentials, this is an exciting chance for a fresh start in your dream career. But as time drags on with zero luck of getting hired, it’s enough to make anyone feel down.

With constant rejection comes the stress and worry about how long it’s going to take to finally find a new job.

But in this highly competitive job market, with stiff contest for the same positions, even the strongest candidates are no longer guaranteed success. You need every advantage you can get to land that interview and secure your dream job.

At BC Resumes, we provide everything you need to secure that competitive advantage. From writing resumes and cover letters, to interview training and career consulting, we’re here to help.

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Resume Writing

A well-written, tailored resume is your most critical source of competitive advantage. It’s your vital introduction to the company, the first impression made on your potential employer. It’s your chance to sell yourself through a detailed summary of your skills, abilities, accomplishments, and work experience. It’s the opportunity to prove that you are a deserving candidate for the job you are applying for.

Hiring personnel do not have the time to go through the dozens, usually hundreds, of resumes they receive for a single opening. Typically, they look at your resume for less than 15 seconds before deciding if you’re qualified. A poorly written resume will ensure your application ends up in the rejection pile.

What’s needed is a strong, concise, and polished resume to stand out from the crowd, grab the attention of the employee, and guarantee your spot at the interview table.

A strong resume is critical but writing one yourself can be a confusing and daunting process. Poor writing skills, low confidence, and a poor understanding of what to include on your resume and how to present it can all hold you back. This can become a major barrier preventing you from making progress in your job search, holding you up for weeks or even months.

As such, it’s becoming more and more popular for a job seeker to turn towards professionals to write their resumes on their behalf. BC Resume’s professional resume writers ensure your best possible resume reaches employers, enabling you to land the right job for your skillset & career goals.

Our Resume Services

We provide you – the experienced career professional – with a comprehensive resume writing service individually tailored to your distinct needs. Given today’s digital world, where your competitors can apply in a ‘click’, and attention spans have reached an all-time low – the traditional approach to resume writing has become obsolete.

You need something unique to stand out from the crowd. You need the best resume writing services possible to secure the trajectory of your career.

At BC Resumes, we have extensive experience helping talented professionals who have at least 5 years’ experience to secure high paying jobs that reflect their worth. Our tactical methodology is designed to draw out your best qualities, which we present on your resume in a concise yet powerful manner.

To do so, we adopt a modern approach, constantly evolving our methodology to reflect industry trends. This is based on extensive research and data across various industries and recruitment industry best practices. We then enhance our methods with persuasive techniques based on human psychology and behavioural theories. Because at the end of the day, it will be another human that will either shortlist or bin your application.

Most importantly, our approach is sales-centric. We utilise our deep knowledge of the market to ensure your polished resume sells your career to the best of your ability, leaving you confident you’ll achieve the results you deserve.

Benefits of
Our Resume Writing Service

A polished product with high-quality writing

Our professional resume writers are experts in crafting compelling and attractive words and phrases that convey job applicants’ most important information.

They will ensure your resume effectively illustrates your background, skills, and qualifications in a succinct and easy to read manner.

Our resume writers know what employers are looking for

As professionals in the industry, each resume writer understands what the hiring manager is seeking in the content and design of your resume.

By staying up to date on HR industry trends, they have the inside scoop on what to include, how to write it, and what to leave out.

It will accentuate your strengths and accomplishments

Each professional resume writer knows how to effectively highlight your positive attributes while downplaying any negatives. They will convincingly and clearly convey your relevant skills, qualifications, experiences, and career achievements that they know are needed to persuade employers.

They will also address any possible red flags and leave out unessential details.

An objective opinion

As specialists, our professional writers will help to provide an unbiased perspective on the quality of your resume.

Through a consultative process, they’ll identify your relevant strengths and career accomplishments and determine how to include them on your resume to ensure you’re well placed to secure that job.

It will help you identify your real value

An objective opinion on your resume will guide you to grasp the real value of your work experiences that you may be unaware of.

Understanding your own worth will boost your confidence when applying and interviewing for jobs, prepare you to talk yourself up, and ensure employers take you more seriously.

It will beat the Applicant tracking systems (ATS)

ATS scan for key words and phrases to determine the suitability of your resume for the hiring manager. Around 70% of resumes don’t ever make it past.

Professional resume writers, however, understand the key words and proper formatting needed to ensure your resume passes and gets to human eyes every single time.

You’ll save time and energy

Writing your resume takes a considerable amount of time and effort. A significant factor to any successful job search, or any life endeavour in general, is momentum. You risk losing your momentum and mentally draining your energy by focusing on tedious tasks, all of which can negatively affect the outcome of your job search.

By outsourcing the burden to a professional writer, you’ll free your time to focus on finding positions and nailing that interview.

You’ll save money

A professionally written resume will significantly boost your chances of securing a new rewarding job, reducing the amount of time you spend in between jobs without an income. Compared with the salary lost from a prolonged job search, the cost of a professionally written resume is well worth the investment.

This is also not considering the hidden costs of moving to a new employment position that is below your own worth, due to a poor resume strategy.

Cover Letter Writing

Just as essential as your resume in the job application process is your cover letter. Unfortunately, most people tend to neglect writing them properly. They spend minimal effort on them, sending generic letters that do little to convince the employer that they should be hired. Doing so is a sure-fire way to have your application discarded.

A sound cover letter should enthuse the recruiter to turn over to read your enclosed resume. Its purpose is to formally introduce you and specifically explain your motivation in applying for the position. It’s your chance to align your skills and experience with those being asked for in the job advertisement. It’s your chance to boast of your qualifications, while inspiring the reader of the value you can bring to the company.

At BC Resumes, we’ll write your cover letter to do all just that. Our professionals will write compelling letters that highlight your strengths and experience, marketing you to the best of your abilities. We’ll emphasise the skills and capabilities needed to demonstrate that you’re the best person for the job.

Each letter is tailored to you individually, in sync with your resume. We can adapt your cover letter for a particular position you’re applying for or create one comprehensive cover letter that you can tweak for different jobs. We can write it from scratch or update an existing letter to align with our best standards. Either way we’ll ensure you stand out from the crowd, giving you the best chance to make it through to the next stage of the application process.

Interview Training

A polished, well-written resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile are critical, but they can only get you so far. Ultimately, their design is to leave a strong first impression on the employer so you can make it through to the next stage of the recruitment process: the job interview.

The interview is your final chance to convince the employer that you’re the best fit for the job. To succeed, you’re going to have to be more persuasive, more knowledgeable, and more charming than every other candidate. It’s therefore essential you know what you’re doing so you can get it absolutely right. Failing to do so will only result in lost opportunities and disappointment.

At BC Resumes, we provide services to help you develop the skills needed to nail the interview. Our interview coaching is specially designed for mid to senior level candidates, with years of professional experience to draw upon. Tailored to your unique experiences, strengths, and goals, we’ll help you fully prepare for your next round of job interviews and secure that position.

By taking our interview training you will learn how to:

  • Properly prepare for an interview
  • Effectively build rapport and make a great first impression
  • Answer common questions effortlessly and authentically
  • Utilise techniques for answering behavioural-based and technical questions
  • Deliver powerful responses that articulate your strengths and leave an impact
  • Manage nerves and exude confidence
  • Avoid common interview mistakes
  • Participate with proper body language
  • Identify the right questions to ask your interviewer
  • Properly close an interview
  • Utilise effective interview follow up strategies

Career Consulting

With a polished resume, cover letter and LinkedIn profile, combined with comprehensive interview skills, you’ll be equipped with the key resources you need to land your dream job. But what if you’re not exactly sure what that dream job is? What if you’re uncertain about the correct path forward to take in your career?

It’s quite common for professionals to arrive at this critical juncture in their career. At this point, it can be difficult to formulate goals, narrow down your choices, and confidently decide what’s best for you. You need a clear direction. You need guidance on what to do next.

That’s where BC Resume’s career consulting services can help. Each selected professional career coach will provide tailored insight, advice, direction, and strategies to overcome whatever challenges you face.

Our career coaching sessions
will aide you to:

Formulate a deeper understanding of yourself and your career

We begin by discussing your strengths, achievements, interests, aspirations, and values, as way for you to reflect on your career evolution. In doing so, we help you develop a better understanding of what matters to you personally, what makes you unique, and what value you offer as an employee.

This will give you the confidence to adapt your distinctive background and experiences into new directions.

Set career goals

We then use your specific attributes to help develop individually tailored short and long-term career goals. We’ll provide you with different career options to suit your situation, and we’ll help you evaluate these options to decide on the right next step.

We’ll ensure your goals are realistic, attainable, and directed towards achieving long-term fulfilment in your career.

Build a roadmap for success

Once your goals are set, we provide you with effective strategies to achieve them. We help you identify the appropriate steps needed to progress towards your goals and develop an action plan through these steps.

Enhance your personal brand

By highlighting your unique value and goals we’ll work to craft a personal brand that is more marketable to employers. We’ll then train you to effectively utilise this brand to successfully compete for senior roles.

Our Process

To begin, we encourage you to send us your current resume for a free resume review callback. You may still book an onboarding consultation call if you do not wish to have a resume review.

During the call, a senior member of our team will gather more information about your specific situation, including your professional experience, career goals, and needs. You will also be given notes on the strengths & weaknesses of your resume and tips to improve.

They will then determine if you are best qualified to receive BC Resumes’ services. If you are, you will receive a recommendation for our best solution tailored to your specific situation.

Once you’ve made a decision on the level of service you require, we will provide a personalised link for you to purchase accordingly.

We accept bank transfer, PayPal and any credit/debit cards for payment. GST is included in all our quoted rates.

Thank you for your purchase!

We will provide you with an estimated delivery date for your service and begin writing. We may then contact you throughout the writing process for additional details about your background, skills, and the specific roles you are looking to apply for. This may be contact via text or email.

This is to ensure the most targeted and personalized service possible.

If the level of service you have chosen includes one or more career consultation calls, we will provide you with a calendar invite to choose the best time these calls work for you.

You will be booked with one of our senior career consultants to help discuss your main concerns in-depth, help develop your career goals, personal brand, and interview skills, and guide you through your job search.

These calls are extremely personalised. We are happy to cater towards what you believe you need more help with. i.e. if you wish for more focus on interview skills or more focus on a career consultation, we can happily arrange that for you.

You will receive the first draft of your resume within 4-7 days of your initial purchase. Cover letters will also be delivered within this same time frame.

LinkedIn profiles will be dependent on the delivery date provided by your consultant. However, it should be within a similar timeframe.

We ask you to review the first drafts and provide any feedback for revisions you require.

Although majority of the time our clients are more than satisfied with the first draft, we still keep the option of revisions available to ensure the best possible service.

We incorporate your feedback and provide you with any necessary revisions you have requested to ensure you are completely satisfied with your service.

The number of revisions will be subject to the level of service you have purchased and must be provided within the given timeframe.

We will complete the final edits and formatting of your resume, along with any additional services, and deliver it to you.

For our Gold & Platinum clients, you will also be scheduled for your final consultation call(s), where we will ensure you are prepared for your upcoming job search and interviews.

Congratulations – the process is over and are now ready to send out your resume, nail the interview, and secure your ideal job. Let us know how you go – we love to hear of each client’s success!

Our Packages

If it’s been a while since you’ve found a job and you’re struggling with the application process, BC Resume’s varied services are here for you.

Access these services through three tiered packages, depending on the assistance you require.


The absolute necessities
  • Resume
  • Cover Letter
  • 1 Revision
  • *Additional Calls at Premium Rate


Suited for the everyday professional
  • Resume
  • Cover Letter
  • 1 Revision
  • 2x Career Consult or Interview Training Call


To achieve the greatest heights possible
  • Resume
  • Cover Letter
  • 3 Revisions
  • 4x Career Consult or Interview Training Calls

All packages are designed for mid to senior level professionals looking to boost their career. Inquire today for a quote and discussion, so we can see if our services are the best fit for you.

We look forward to sharing our expertise and helping you secure the job you deserve.