Our Successful Cover Letter Template

Our successful cover letter template revolves around the core aspects of what a cover letter should actually do. A cover letter is a single-page letter that should be part of any job application. Its job is to:

  • Introduce You
  • Address the company and/or representative
  • State the job title/s you are applying for
  • Match your skills and experience in the form of a simple list
  • Promote your resume
  • Finish with a call to action (Meeting/Interview)

The cover letter must show that your skills are what the organisation requires, specifically simple steps such as knowing the job position, the company, and their goals. These serve as major advantages as your answers to these questions allow you to include information that is relevant and exclude the typical ‘jibber-jabber’ recruiters often see in today’s cover letters.

Your cover letter SHOULD NOT include:

  • Typos or factual errors
  • Your Resume
  • Other job applications
  • Repeating the letter ‘I’

Your cover letter should be prepared and re-read before submission, as any errors are not acceptable. Re-writing your resume as your cover letter is a ‘no-no’, repeating it would make no sense as the point of the cover letter is to encourage the recruiter to read your resume. Think of it like a book – your cover letter is the introduction, and the resume is the story. Avoid mentioning other job applications and the repetition of the letter “I”, it makes the letter quite boring and repetitive and would actually counteract with its goal of promote your skillset.

A cover letter should serve as a simple and effective way to portray an individual to recruiters, and through our professional experiences here at BC Resumes, we have determined that the above statements are regarded as the key points of writing any cover letter. Following this simple cover letter template, will help an individual to grab the recruiter’s consideration and interest thus, elevating their chances of success in the following stages of recruitment.

To ensure that your cover letter is accompanied with a resume to equal standard, BC Resumes offers a range of services including a free resume review allowing for feedback and solutions through our services. We also are experts at writing professional and academic cover letters, so please feel free to contact us if you have are in need of our services

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