How We Made the Dream Job a Reality: A Case Study

Throughout my years of professional resume writing, it’s stories like this that make me remember why we begun BC Resumes. Just like every other small business owner, things are never easy – especially when you are trying to build something up from scratch. And I’ll admit that I am only human and from time to time, I will lose that passion for my work. Alas, this case study was one of the many highlights of my writing career and inspired my passion for my writing when I needed it the most.

This case study begins with our client Laz, who was working within the Hospitality industry but always wanted to pursue a career in the Dental Technology industry. Although he had some Dental-Tech industry experience, it was not the main focus of his resume. My honest first impressions of Laz, through a glance of his resume, was that he was not too confident about his own skills and abilities. And this was mostly because his resume was not showing how spectacular his qualifications were.

Laz had many achievements, credentials and awards that he was not effectively showcasing throughout his resume. It definitely would not pass the 10 second test, especially if he was attempting to take a huge leap of faith in the form of a career change.

Our writing philosophy at BC Resumes revolves around a sales-oriented approach combined with a touch of human psychology and behaviourRead more about it here and why ‘Size Matters’. And as such, I transformed his resume into something that I would call my self-proclaimed greatest masterpiece. I was able to rewrite his resume so that, upon first glance, it demanded respect. Even from the first sentence of his Professional Summary, terms such as ‘Award-Winning’ really do go a long way. The main focus of the resume was to significantly highlight the amazing capabilities and potential of Laz, and how much of his skills were transferrable to the Dental-Tech industry. However, to convey this message in a contemporary yet professional format was the real challenge. And I will admit that resume writing can be dull at times, but I had such a great time writing every word of that resume.

Of course, the resume was then delivered by the promised delivery date and Laz was very satisfied with the final result. Which is great, as BC Resumes strives for complete client satisfaction – but, what would the recruiters think of it?

A few months later, I received an unexpected email from Laz following up this story. Laz’s resume was able to secure an interview, and eventually the job – his dream job, of being a Territory Manager at one of the largest dental manufacturers in the world. His kind words and generosity really touched me.

Laz’s Kind Email

I was so happy and proud to be a part of the process to help Laz secure his dream job. But honestly, I did not feel that I deserved much of the praise that Laz had given me. Sure, many resume writers may hang this kind of a testimonial on their walls, but I feel that would be an overstatement of their influence. At the end of the day, Laz’s qualifications and his success in the interview process, allowed him to achieve his dream. I was simply an enabler that gave him the confidence he needed to do so – and also let recruiters see his true potential.

Aforementioned, it was through this writing process that re-sparked my love for writing resumes, and more specifically the ‘art of the resume’. It reminded me of why I really do this – why BC Resumes was founded. To help people. To help the Australian people, economy, and unemployment issue.

It made me truly understand that what we do at BC Resumes isn’t just resume writing. What we do is beyond us. We help people achieve their dreams. We help change lives.

Hate to sound cliché, but after reading through this case study, there is no denying that it’s the truth.

BC Resumes. The Best Choice.


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