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Possessing the ability to write a concise and effective resume, that stands out amongst the rest, is an art and a necessity in today’s world. Resume writing is often portrayed as a boring and tiresome activity which is why so many amateurs get it wrong. Experienced recruiters can break down and within ten seconds (link) determine the type of person you are and the pride you put into your work, granting them the ability to judge on whether you are the individual for the job. This is why we have created this simple resume template to provide some guidance on how the professionals write resumes.

When walking in for a job interview, your first thought should be: Am I well presented? If this is not the case, then you might as well walk right back out because you may have not passed even the one second test. Presentation is key. Non-relevant information spread across the page is a strong deterrent for any recruiter. The correct use of colour, fonts, page layout is essential in order to attract the eyes of readers. No one wants to see boring, bland and out of date features on a piece of paper.

Remember there are hundreds of individuals applying for that same position meaning hundreds of resumes, you want to make sure yours is the one they pick up.

Structure is often overlooked and an unknown aspect of a resume. You wouldn’t wear your socks as gloves. Would you? Important information should be SMACK-BANG! In order, and easy to read, this goes in the form of:

  • Contact Detail
  • Summary/Objective
  • Relevant Skills/Highlights Section
  • Relevant Experience
  • Relevant Education, Coursework and Projects
  • Honor & Awards
  • References

These may look intimidating at first, but they are in reality very simple. Your job is not to create a five-thousand-word essay that covers ten plus pages. Your job is to show yourself and individual abilities while avoiding a clutter leaving the recruiter/s astounded and wanting more.

So, can your resume pass the ten second test? BC Resumes offers a free resume review where we break-down and pinpoint areas of improvement and turning mistakes into opportunities.

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