Finding an Inter-State Job: A Case Study

This case study begins with our client Kat, and her husband, who were located in Queensland but were going to relocate to Sydney, New South Wales within the week. As such, Kat was attempting to secure employment in Sydney before she relocated inter-state. A quick glance at her needs would be a challenge that many would not accept, or would not be able to live up to. However, at BC Resumes, welove an exciting challenge and we love to exceed expectations – which is why we have a consistent level of high client satisfaction.

After understanding the needs of Kat, and her husband, I realised the urgency and importance of the task at hand. If I was to not meet client or recruiter expectations, I could be negatively affecting the lives of Kat, her husband, and their family and friends. I will admit that there was some pressure, but nonetheless, I was confident that my resume writing abilities would be up for the task.

Kat was from a Call Centre/Sales background, and was quite qualified as she was also responsible for managing various teams unfortunately, her resume did not show this at all. Especially within the Sales industry, if your resume, which is your first impression, doesn’t ‘sell’ how can a recruiter realistically expect that you would be capable for the position? Or even the Sales industry?
The resume should be able to sell your abilities but more than anything – your personality!

Kat was a lively character with extensive Sales professional experience but her resume was so ‘bland’ and would not stand out from competitors. I knew exactly what I had to do and completely rewrote her resume. I made sure that her resume illustrated Kat as a Professional – first, Salesperson – second. I went for a more traditional yet modern format to convey this message as her first impression to recruiters. As Kat was attempting to find an inter-state position, her resume really did have to do a lot of the ‘talking’ and most importantly, it had to show that she was an extremely valuable professional that any organisation would be lucky to have.

Regardless, I delivered the final work, alongside a resume for her husband, to Kat within the agreed deadline. She was very satisfied with the work I had done for both her husband and herself, within such short notice. As usual, I was pleased to hear that and I wished her the best of luck for her applications.

Kat’s Testimonial

Later that day, I got sent an email from Kat telling me that after one hour of submitting her application, she received a call offering her a permanent position! I couldn’t believe it myself! I knew I was good at writing resumes but, I didn’t know I was that good. Jokes aside – it was really amazing how quickly she was able to secure an inter-state position and I can honestly say that it was the most ‘efficient’ resume I had ever written. I won’t go as far to say that it may have been the most ‘efficient’ resume ever written by anyone – but I’d say it would be pretty close. Especially when it comes to applying for inter-state positions.

Of course, at the end of the day, it was ultimately Kat’s qualifications and skills that were able to help her achieve her goal. My role was just to transform her resume so that recruiters would be able to see, from first glance, that she was not only a perfect match, but the best candidate, for the position.

Exceeding the expectations of Kat, recruiters, and even myself is what we do at BC Resumes. Being able to succeed in helping Kat, and her family, satisfy their needs gave me a great appreciation for the ‘art of the resume’. Your resume can really make or break you. If Kat didn’t come to me, and submitted her previous resume instead – who knows what her life would be like now? Sure, with her outstanding experience, I have no doubt that she would be able to find employment eventually – but no way within an hour upon submission. Especially for an inter-state position, sending a poor resume provides a poor first, and only, impression and may have seriously harmed her chances in securing her ideal position, which I helped her achieve.

First impressions matter and therefore, resumes matter.

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