Frequently Asked Questions

How does your process work?

Our process, in which we deliver your service usually within 3-5 business days, is as follows:

  • Upon purchase, you will be contacted for the necessary details.
  • You will need to provide the required details.
  • Once you have provided the details, the writing process will begin.
  • You will be given an estimated date of delivery; this is dependent on our workload, your co-operation, and your specific service.
  • Next, your service will be delivered within the expected time frame.
  • If there are any changes needed, you may request the number of revisions your respective service entitles you to.
  • After there are no changes needed, the service will be complete.
When can I expect my service to be delivered?

Your service is delivered based on our current workload and the service you have purchased. Our platinum clients will always be given top priority. Usually most services can be expected to delivered and completed within 3-5 business days.

What is an Applicant Tracking System (ATS)?

ATS is an acronym for Applicant Tracking System. This is becoming a common practice by recruiters who use the ATS software application to automatically screen resumes. i.e. If your resume is not ATS scanned, or ready, beforehand – it may not even be read by a human at all!

BC Resumes recommends the Essential package for clients, as we will scan your resume through an ATS, and optimise your resume accordingly. This will ensure that your resume won’t get automatically screened off by a computer software.

What is the timeframe that I can request revisions?

This is dependent on the service you have purchased.

For Resumes:

  • Basic clients will have up to 24 hours, after delivery, to request their single revision.
  • Essential clients will have up to 24 hours, after delivery, to request their single revision.
  • Platinum clients will have up to 48 hours, after delivery, to request each of their three revisions.

For Cover Letters:

  • You will have up to 24 hours, after delivery, to request your single revision.

For LinkedIn Profiles:

  • You will have up to 24 hours, after delivery, to request your single revision.
What industries do you cater towards?

Our team at BC Resumes is a collective of professional employment consultants, including resume, cover letter, and selection criteria writers, from various backgrounds and experiences. These experiences range from retail recruitment all the way to corporate HR and thus, we are able to cater to virtually all industries within Australia.

Will using your services guarantee me a job?

No. We do not guarantee a job with this service however; we will equip you with the best professional skill-set and tool-set to give you a competitive advantage over other job seekers. If you are extremely dissatisfied with our services we do provide a 7 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee. For more information please click here.

How do I reschedule or cancel my callback time?

If you wish to reschedule please contact us on 24 hours prior to your booking time. We will provide more details in the return email.

How are your prices so competitive?

Our prices are so competitive because we use efficient and up to date writing methods that reduces total cost and labour within our team. All our work is checked for quality control to ensure less back-and-forth between clients and consultants. Overall, the high satisfaction we provide our clients leads to less turnover and a more efficient business process.

How does the 7 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee work?

The 7 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee takes effect within 24 hours after receiving your service, where if you are extremely dissatisfied with the service you may lodge a refund request. For more information please click here.

I wish to share my success stories with you, how do I go about doing this?

First off congratulations on your success, BC Resumes is always proud to see its clients reach their potential! Please tell us all about your success, as we’d love to hear it, at or through our contact us form here.

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