4 Years of Career Progression: A Case Study

As I write this case study, please understand this is our most personal and proudest case study to date. (Apologies in advance for the over-sentimentality)  The main difference this case study has in comparison to our other case studies (and even those of the entire resume writing industry) is that this a case study that takes place over the course of 3-4 years. (and still counting..)

Now before you get the wrong idea – no, it did not take us 3-4 years to help this client secure a job. Rather, it’s been 3-4 years of a professional relationship in which both parties have continued to blossom their careers.

It all begins in 2018, I had received a quote & resume review request from a kind lady, Erin. She had been heavily involved in the international academia industry for years. Especially within the Chinese market.

The challenge for me was to help translate Erin’s plethora of international experience for the Australian domestic job market. I had to present her international experience as a distinct unique advantage, as opposed to being valued equal to, or lower than, working experience within Australia. This is especially important as I see many of my clients’ initial resume, failing to employ this. In fact, a lot of the time, their experience in i.e. Latin America, China, India, Pakistan, Dubai, etc. is almost presented as a second-class level of work experience. If you let your resume present your overseas experience as second-class then that is no one else’s fault but your own! Not the fault of the recruiter or employer. Ultimately, the ONE variable that you can truly control in your job search is – your resume! Your first impression.

Regardless, I was excited to help Erin with this task because (interesting fact) Erin was actually applying for a role at the exact same university that I had studied for my own Bachelor’s Degree! Who better to help Erin than an alumni member of the very same university?

As promised, I helped Erin transform her resume to concisely showcase her skills, achievements, and experience all in a modern yet professional design. However, it was her selection criteria answers that I helped Erin with, that was the core for her upcoming application.

To produce the best work possible, the more information I am able to gather from a client, the better work I am able to produce. Erin was extremely cooperative throughout the writing process and her outstanding career achievements only made the writing process smoother.

The result? Erin was able to secure her role thanks to our selection criteria & resume writing help. She was so overjoyed she has sent me thousands of thanks since. (Not an exaggeration)

Now I did say this was a journey of over 3-4 years, so how does the story progress over the years?

Erin has continued to refer other clients to our business and they have all been a pleasure to work with. I have nothing but kind words for Erin and her friends & colleagues and am so grateful for her ongoing support of our business.

Even during our times when BC Resumes was inbetween websites, and we had only been email-only word of mouth focused, Erin continued to provide us with new business. I remember helping one of her referrals with an application – while I was travelling in Hong Kong!

Fast forward to 2022, she has contacted me again for yet another selection criteria for an internal promotion at our mutual university. It was great to hear from her and see how her own career had progressed since our last contact. At first, I was not too sure if she even needed my help anymore, but as per her insistence, I looked over her draft and assured her that I would help her with this, as it’s the least I could do for her during this stressful job application season.

Turns out that yes (again) we were able to strike gold with her selection criteria. She was offered an interview the following week and I had actually introduced Erin to our latest service – interview training calls. She happily obliged and I arranged a time for her and our career consultant Shiv to go over some interview preparation the day before her interview.

I surprised her by jumping onto the video call also for the first few minutes (and to help break the ice) and it was so good to finally put a face to the name. She was quite surprised – she said I looked younger than she expected! (Haha the online business game is a young man’s game after all.)

A week later I received this feedback:

Erin’s Testimonial

Not only was she extremely confident going in to the interview after our coaching call, but she was offered the role also. Hate to jinx it but it seems our interview training calls have a 100% hit rate (as of now).

As such, for now the story of Erin remains to be continued..

In the 3-4 years timeline, it’s been great to see how both our careers have progressed. Her own progression continues to inspire my own. And the fact that such a well qualified individual not only trusts in my professional services, but also actually finds career success through my services, is very humbling and rewarding as a business owner.

Erin is a reminder to me that my business principles are sound. Do right by people and they’ll return the gesture. Treating your clients with the same respect and integrity that you would expect from others. Little things like that mean a whole lot for a young digital entrepreneur. It’s a more slow burn honest way to conduct business, but the fruits will ripe eventually.

I like to reminisce to where I was in my career, even in my personal life, when I first helped Erin in 2018 – to where I am now. Hate to sound cliché, but it’s so easy to get caught up in the day-to-day chase and not appreciate all the little victories you’ve had over the years. And being able to come to a full circle with Erin has also given me closure to my previous chapter in my own career. Entrepreneurship isn’t easy – but then again, anything that’s worth having isn’t easy.

Thank you again Erin for helping me remember why I even started my own business journey. Some of the most rewarding things in life just aren’t tangible.




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