Does Your Resume Pass the 10 Second Test?

Every 10 seconds 25 million emails are sent, 560,000 searches are Googled, 70,320 tweets are made and 7,380 Instagram photos are uploaded. In fact, in the 10 seconds you took to read this far, your recruiter would have already made a judgment as to whether or not you are qualified for the job –  solely based on a quick glance of your resume. It may seem impossible for such critical information to be conveyed in just 10 seconds, but experienced recruiters are able to make first impressions and conclusive judgments within a ten-second scan over your resume.

In fact, as the years go by, and our attention spans reduce – that number is now argued to even be six seconds. That’s all the time you have!

How can you make the recruiter actually read your qualifications before jumping to conclusions? In the fast-paced, contemporary business environment, no sane individual will read, word-for-word, the long and crowded resume you spent hours on, regardless of how qualified you thought a particular sentence made you seem.

It all comes down to presentation. A consistently formatted, concise and interesting resume will undoubtedly lead to the recruiter looking at your resume in great detail. So before going into your next interview open up your resume and ensure that it passes the ten second test by reviewing the essential features of any successful resume:

What does your resume say about you?

A resume is a reflection of the individual. Start with your headers – display your name in a bold and pronounced manner. Demonstrate confidence. What does your resume say about you?

Use a polished aesthetic

In the contemporary world, no recruiter will read over a plain resume, covered in homogeneous bullet points through a monotonous Times New Roman font. Liven it up, show personality, but also remember to keep it professional.

Poor formatting

More often than not, a given resume will demonstrate inconsistent formatting, poor use of white space and too much text. Keep it simple, draw the recruiter towards your qualifications and experiences, not away from them.

Action-driven language

As if the aforementioned monotonous document wasn’t bad enough, the golden ‘resist the list’ rule is often overlooked. Simply listing qualifications will have little effect on the recruiter in that limited ten second window. Start every sentence with action-driven language. ‘Motivates’, ‘drives’, ‘leads’.

Indeed, not only individuals, but agencies often disregard the ten second test. So before you send off your resume right into the recruiters trash can, wondering why you never received a call back, revise your resume. Contact BC Resumes for a free resume review – you never know if you’ll pass the ten second test.

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