Case Study

Finding an Inter-State Job: A Case Study

This case study begins with our client Kat, and her husband, who were located in Queensland but were going to relocate to Sydney, New South Wales within the week. As such, Kat was attempting to secure employment in Sydney before she relocated inter-state. A quick glance at her needs would be a challenge that many would not accept, or would not be able to live up to. However, at BC Resumes, we love an exciting challenge and we love to exceed expectations – which is why we have a consistent level of high client satisfaction. After understanding the needs of Kat,...

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How We Made the Dream Job a Reality: A Case Study

Throughout my years of professional resume writing, it’s stories like this that make me remember why we begun BC Resumes. Just like every other small business owner, things are never easy – especially when you are trying to build something up from scratch. And I’ll admit that I am only human and from time to time, I will lose that passion for my work. Alas, this case study was one of the many highlights of my writing career and inspired my passion for my writing when I needed it the most. This case study begins with our client Laz, who was...

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