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Here at BC Resumes, our professional career advisors and resume writers provide everything you need to secure a job in today’s competitive market.

Our high-quality services are designed to empower job seekers to set achievable career goals, impress recruiters, nail interviews, and land that dream job. In an age where open jobs are attracting up to hundreds of applicants, we’ll help you to stand out above the crowd. 

We work to provide critical guidance to mid to senior level professionals who are at a juncture in their career. No matter the industry or your background, our experienced and knowledgeable experts will equip you with the right tools to achieve success in your job search. 

Although it is not the be-all-end-all, the resume is the first step. It’s the first foot in the door. The first impression even before the first impression. Understanding the importance of this crucial document can be the difference between living off unemployment benefits for the rest of your life, or having a fulfilling career that rewards your efforts and family’s livelihood.

Our broad and diverse team combines experiences and expertise from a wide array of industries.

Our writers are hand-picked based on their experience in academic writing and professional copywriting. While our partners have in-depth experience in the recruitment industry, with a plethora of industry resources and connections. Most importantly, our partners come from a marketing and sales-focused background, which gives us a distinct sales-centric approach to our writing and services. We’re here to sell you to recruiters. 

As professionals in the industry, we understand what hiring managers are looking for in the 2020s. We know what’s required for different industries and the level of your career and will tailor out approach accordingly. What you get is a personalised strategy suited to your needs.

Our wide range of services are designed to provide everything you need to take the next step in your career, including:

  • First-class resumes and cover letters that accentuate your strengths and accomplishments and align them with what employers are looking for.
  • Impressive LinkedIn profiles optimised to attract top recruiters and boost your employment opportunities.
  • Comprehensive interview training to ensure you have the skills to persuade any employer that you’re the best fit for the job.
  • Expert career consulting to provide guidance and strategies in your career transformation.

Our History

A Sydney Based
Entrepreneurial Journey

BC Resumes officially launched in 2015, but our story starts well before.

The Co-Founder and Director, Ryan, was raised in a loving household that had unfortunately been impacted by the effects of lay-offs and redundancies. From an early age, he came to understand that some of the most loyal and competent employees could be let go simply due to the bottom line. Whether due to the economy, or just company restructuring, jobs were not safe. 

What is often overlooked in the statistics is the spillover effects such decisions can have on people’s livelihoods, families, and their own career aspirations. Experiencing these effects firsthand, Ryan grew determined to prevent it for others. 

Better days were ahead. Although it is not the be-all-end-all, Ryan realised the resume is the first step. It’s the first foot in the door. The first impression even before the first impression. 

By the time BC Resumes officially launched in 2015, Ryan and the other co-founders were already reviewing the resumes of their friends, colleagues, and family to great results. A need was found, and a skill was born.

Sure, there were plenty of other resume writers already in the marketplace. But none had the modern sales-centric approach that BC Resumes prides itself on. A lot of resume writers take on the task as a copy-paste robotic process with no real personalisation. Or their resumes remain stuck in the past. Too traditional, and not up to the standards of today’s fast-moving economy.

As such, BC Resumes was born – still embracing the traditional methods that have been proven to work but adding a contemporary approach tailored to be concise, effective, and sales-centric. There’s a reason our resume applicants continue to be shortlisted over their competitors.

Since our launch, our team has continuously expanded and developed our service to ensure the most complete resume experience. i.e. Introducing Interview Training & Career Consulting for our clients.

At BC Resumes, we are proud to say we truly do provide a unique world class resume experience. Just read our testimonials and case studies.