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Excellent resume writing and providing an outstanding service is the foundation of BC Resumes – and we will not let others tarnish the art of the resume.


In 2016-18, we assisted countless of Australian and New Zealand job seekers secure their futures in an ever-increasing competitive economic landscape.


BC Resumes. The Best Choice.


All our resume, cover letter, selection criteria and LinkedIn writing services are up to date with 2019 standards.


We pay extra attention to detail to produce the best possible quality resumes, cover letters, selection criteria and LinkedIn profiles.


Every single one of our resume, cover letter, selection criteria and LinkedIn services is unique and catered towards your own needs.


We are not satisfied until you are satisfied. 100% Money Back Guarantee on all of our resume, cover letter, selection criteria and LinkedIn writing services.


Does Your Resume Pass The 10 Second Test?

Your 10 Seconds To Impress!

Every 10 seconds 25 million emails are sent, 560,000 searches are Googled, 70,320 tweets are made and 7,380 Instagram photos are uploaded. In fact, in the 10 seconds you took to read this far, your recruiter would have already made a judgment as to whether or not you are qualified for the job – solely based on a quick glance of your resume.

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Australians Unemployed in Jan 2018

What The Stats Don't Tell You!

As of January 2018, the Australian unemployment rate was at 5.5%. Which is great news but, this statistic, alone, does not show you the full picture of the current 2018 employment landscape. Not knowing the rules to the game, how can you expect to win? Let alone play?

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What Our Clients Say About Our Services

Our Resume Writing Services have a proven record of success. Read about some of our satisfied clients below.

7 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

"Thanks Ryan, I just applied for a role in Sydney 4 hours ago, an hour later I got a call offering a permanent position. I start next week so thank you heaps and heaps!"

Kat L. | Call Centre Customer Service Rep.

“Thanks for all the hard work you put in. Thank you so much. Regards.”

Vamsi M. | Accounts Management

“The resume, cover letter, and statement of purpose are perfect.”

Dr. Novika T. | Paediatrician

“The resume looks great. Thank you.”

Ismail K. | Construction Management

“I am very pleased with my resume and cover letter. It is my ideal resume. Thank you very much! I am very happy with this and cannot wait to start applying with this kind of resume. Really appreciate it. Again thank you very much! You have done very well. I will highly recommend you to my peers.”

Marion P. | Accounting

“I need your help. I sent the cover letter, you wrote for me, to the building company and they now want the price for the job. Can you please write another business letter with the price of the job? Warm Thanks.”

Khaled A. | Construction

“Thank you for the prompt reply. The resume and cover letter look great!”

Thi J. | Accounting

“Hello, I have reviewed materials you have sent to me. I have a few objections, but overall format is looking good. I will make minor adjustments that I think are appropriate on my own. Thank you for your service.”

Nikola T. | Software Engineering & IT

“Thank you so much.”

Ali T. | Engineering

“Thank you for your impeccable customer service.”

Jack L. | Bartending & Gaming

“Thanks for your help.”

Bradley D. | Handyman

“Thank you, I feel so much more confident with the amended resume and cover letter. I appreciate you and your team taking the time to make the changes that I requested. Thank you again.”

Lauren H. | Business Administration

“Dear Sir, may I thank you for the time you took in completing my Cover Letter, and Resume - it is awesome. Sorry, I have inconvenienced you quite a few times, please accept my apology for this. Just love the finished product, though. Much appreciated, Many Thanks.”

Yvonne S. | Nursing

“I have just received the CV and Cover Letter and I am overjoyed with the outcome. It looks professional. Thanks so much!”

Fernando L. | Aviation

Thanks for this. I really like the new format and layout, looks really clear and professional.

Carol D. | Marketing Management

Client Spotlight

  • How We Made the Dream Job a Reality: A Case Study

    Throughout my years of professional resume writing, it’s stories like this that make me remember why we begun BC Resumes. Just like every other small business owner, things are never easy – especially when you are trying to build something up from scratch. And I’ll admit that I am only human a...

  • Finding an Inter-State Job: A Case Study

    This case study begins with our client Kat, and her husband, who were located in Queensland but were going to relocate to Sydney, New South Wales within the week. As such, Kat was attempting to secure employment in Sydney before she relocated inter-state. A quick glance at her needs would be a chall...

Our clients have been employed by a diverse range of businesses. 

At BC Resumes, we cater to each of our clients’ needs and goals. Regardless of their industry and experience, we always deliver the top quality, professional and personalised resumes, cover letters, selection criteria, and LinkedIn profiles that elevate our clients’ potential for employment.


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