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For those with Under 1 year of experience.

As an entry-level employment seeker, you would be aware that there are an endless amount of cover letter templates out there that you can use, so why would you want to purchase a cover letter from BC Resumes?

The answer is simple.

Everyone else uses the exact same free cover letter templates that are found online; this is the underlying flaw of  too many employment seekers’ job applications. They do not realise that the cover letter is used to compliment their resume and further highlight their skills in a way that their resume cannot capture. By using the exact same cover letter template that everyone else is using, you cannot differentiate yourself from the competition.

As the entry-level position is arguably the most crucial step in your entire career, it would be unwise, from a professional point of view, to not provide your cover letter with the proper attention and care that is required.


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