When It Comes to Resumes, Size Matters.

Although other resume writers, some which are quite credible in the industry, believe in creating lengthy resumes, our team at BC Resumes strongly uphold a writing philosophy of ‘size matters’. From our experience across various industries, we have discovered that keeping a resume concise and to-the-point is the most successful strategy. Our experience with previous clients, hiring managers, and basic human psychology and behaviour has enabled our team to take a more sales-oriented approach when it comes to writing resumes. The resume is the first impression, and in the first 10 seconds of looking at your resume – a recruiter will...

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Finding an Inter-State Job: A Case Study

This case study begins with our client Kat, and her husband, who were located in Queensland but were going to relocate to Sydney, New South Wales within the week. As such, Kat was attempting to secure employment in Sydney before she relocated inter-state. A quick glance at her needs would be a challenge that many would not accept, or would not be able to live up to. However, at BC Resumes, we love an exciting challenge and we love to exceed expectations – which is why we have a consistent level of high client satisfaction. After understanding the needs of Kat,...

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How We Made the Dream Job a Reality: A Case Study

Throughout my years of professional resume writing, it’s stories like this that make me remember why we begun BC Resumes. Just like every other small business owner, things are never easy – especially when you are trying to build something up from scratch. And I’ll admit that I am only human and from time to time, I will lose that passion for my work. Alas, this case study was one of the many highlights of my writing career and inspired my passion for my writing when I needed it the most. This case study begins with our client Laz, who was...

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Does Your Resume Pass The 10 Second Test?


Every 10 seconds 25 million emails are sent, 560,000 searches are Googled, 70,320 tweets are made and 7,380 Instagram photos are uploaded. In fact, in the 10 seconds you took to read this far, your recruiter would have already made a judgment as to whether or not you are qualified for the job –  solely based on a quick glance of your resume. It may seem impossible for such critical information to be conveyed in just 10 seconds, but experienced recruiters are able to make first impressions and conclusive judgments within a ten-second scan over your resume. How can you make...

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Follow This Simple Resume Template To Succeed!


PRESENTATION! STRUCTURE! SUCCESS! Possessing the ability to write a concise and effective resume, that stands out amongst the rest, is an art and a necessity in today’s world. Resume writing is often portrayed as a boring and tiresome activity which is why so many amateurs get it wrong. Experienced recruiters can break down and within ten seconds (link) determine the type of person you are and the pride you put into your work, granting them the ability to judge on whether you are the individual for the job. This is why we have created this simple resume template to provide some...

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