Why Choose BC Resumes?

At last, a real resume professional.

In 2016-17, we assisted countless of Australian and New Zealand job seekers secure their futures in an ever-increasing competitive economic landscape.

BC Resumes is made of a flexible team that focuses on helping our clients stand out not only from the rest – but the best. Our industry-tested service has proven successful within the 2016-17 Australian economy and this is due to our effective modern approach to professional writing. Read More About Our Writing Philosophy and why ‘Size Matters’.

At BC Resumes, we boast a team of highly-qualified writers that have decades of dedicated experience in both professional and academic writing specifically. We are also proud of our high level of professionalism, in which our team takes the time to understand your career goals and needs to provide you with the best possible quality of service.


All our writers are experts in using MS Word software and thus, can produce the most aesthetic yet contemporary resumes catered towards your career needs. Excellent resume writing and providing an outstanding service is the foundation of BC Resumes – and we will not let others tarnish the art of the resume.

BC Resumes core values are a focus on modernity, quality, personalisation, and client satisfaction. Our team understands that each of our clients has different career goals and it is our obligation to equip our clients with the best possible service to help them achieve these respective goals. We believe our contemporary methods produce the most aesthetic and quality results that will leave every single one of our clients satisfied – guaranteed.

Our Story

BC Resumes was founded by a team of professional writers passionate about reducing the rate of unemployment by helping Australians find employment. Having friends, colleagues and family affected by the negative economic, social, and psychological effects of unemployment, redundancy, and underemployment, the BC Resumes team truly understands the importance of quality resumes. Employment not only helps the Australian economy, but it also helps individuals with monetary and existential fulfillment.


Throughout the years, we have perfected our resume writing philosophy, which adopts a sales-oriented approach in combination with human psychology and behaviour. All in all, a touch of modern professionally-written content has kept our resumes relevant and successful within the 2018 economy.


BC Resumes was only launched after intense competitor research, and we genuinely believe that we provide the best value to our clients, especially due to the high standards of quality and professionalism of our services. As a resume can not only change your career, but your life also, we take our resume writing very seriously. Hence, BC Resumes – The Best Choice.

Read More About Our Work

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Our Core Values


All our resume, cover letter, selection criteria, and LinkedIn writing services are up to date with 2018 standards.


We pay extra attention to detail to produce the best possible quality resumes, cover letters, selection criteria, and LinkedIn profiles.


Every single one of our services is unique and catered towards your own needs.


We are not satisfied until you are satisfied. 100% Money Back Guarantee.

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